Ontario Must Sees

Niagara Falls Niagara Water Waterfall Nigh

It is the most populated state, as 40 percent of Canada’s population lives here. It is also a famous historic place, with a full selection of attractions, touristic hotspots and travel opportunities.

Among the state’s most important natural sightseeings, that Ontario is famous for, is clearly Niagara Falls. Millions of tourists come to see this attraction and walk across the magnificent landscapes each year. Niagara Falls is made up of three waterfalls that flow in this region. It is stunning, beautiful and also beneficial in the terms of recreation and industry.

Another”must see” here is the CN Tower, among the most recognized across the planet. It’s 553 meters high, lit up at night and can be seen from every angle of the city. The view from the Tower is astounding, looking over the whole city and the lake.

Tourists also love to explore the provincial and national parks.

However, Ontario is famous not only for its character, but its museums. The Royal Museum in downtown is one of the largest museums which feature scientific exhibits in addition to natural history of the world. This section of Canada also has the Art Gallery, which can be prestigious beyond the nation, as it hosts amazing collections of African and Oceanic Art.

Among the sightseeings also include Wonderland, which is 30 kilometers northwest of Toronto’s city center. It is a huge park that offers different thrill rides and roller coasters. Children adore Dinosaur Park and water parks, as well as live shows that are usually shown in summertime.

The area is also famous for Muskoka, which is located around Lake Muskoka and various other popular lakes. It is filled with cottages, hotels and marinas. Tourists, as well as locals usually spend vacations, in the surroundings of rocky shores and pine trees.

If you want to spend time with friends and enjoy art, The Stratford Festival is undeniably an excellent chance. The Festival Theatre has 2,250 chairs and launches plays of Shapeskpeare and other famous authors.